2014/15 Fall/Winter – Time-out

In a usual late afternoon, I gaze through the office window where the glaring sun and the feather-like clouds seemed to roam free in the bright blue sky.  Their tantalising invitation has taken me away.  I ponder, “what am I to do……..”, “How about an afternoon tea at the Ritz?” I ponder, with the alluring tastes of Cream Meringue, Fraiche, Macaroons and all tea time favourites, all sweet and beautiful, to indulge in the very fine moments of leisure.

 This collection emphasized on soft tones and hues of pastel to brighten up the chilling season.  Loose fitted silhouette, use of faux suede fabric and focus on simplicity in cutting symbolises the care-free, languid and unruly styles, which are the key themes in this collection.