2015/16 – In The Land of Sumer

Living in the midst of chaos and restlessness, the heart calls for a nostalgic visit of the old world in search for the inner peace that is lost in this complex intertwined metropolis.

Sumer, land of one of the earliest civilizations, led thrive and bloom of the Mesopotamian culture and all that followed.  Perhaps little known of the world around, that was when mankind humbly survived in their perceived unpredictable nature. There would have been a much simpler lifestyle and less complex human connections or relations.

Love of nature and simplicity were reflected in their clothing that contained simple forms and lines, basic geometric shapes and use of natural gems and substances from the land. Mankind and nature were kept at a harmonic balance.

Perhaps the least is what we need to live, and the simplest way of life is where the heart deepest desires.

In this collection, colours used were akin to natural gems and resources of that period such as Lapis lazuli, Carnelion, White Marble, Gold, Bitumen, etc. Overall silhouette have visibly clean lines and shapes with emphasis on minimalism.